Alright : We cut back our pigs to the amount you can nurture with the remains of oat milk production. No soy import et al. :D

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protestors and police forces in the destroyed village at . In the background one of the reasons, why is one of the worst and biggest CO2-sources in europe. stays!

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Wirtschaftsnobelpreisträger Stiglitz warnt vor Christian als

In einem Gastbeitrag für die »Zeit« werfen die Ökonomen Joseph Stiglitz und Adam Tooze dem -Chef eine »vorsintflutliche haushaltspolitische Agenda« vor. Sie plädieren dafür, dass die Grünen den Finanzminister stellen.

Schön wär's, allein, mir fehlt der Glaube.

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Founder of Equiterre & former Quebec director of @Greenpeace was just made Minister of the Environment & Climate Change here in Canada. Hopefully it's a sign there will be some more significant action here, as opposed to his activities being moderated by his new position.

Props to the people for considering patching of distributed energy resource systems.
Usually industrial systems are just placed on the internet with a YOLO mindset. Maybe things improve.

The world wide web is no longer about people, it's 42% of the time about computers talking to computers.
Sometimes the data of big players like Cloudflare is interesting: According to the Internet Radar dashboard about 42% of the traffic they see is automated, as not requested by a browser. From my own experience with ecommerce you usually have 60%+ of automated traffic. Though you've to be a bit careful with those numbers. For example Cloudflare classifies MITM devices intercepting TLS 1.3 as bots. While technically it's correct, it's not a browser connecting, there is still a human with a browser behind it. But in general the amount of stupid automated traffic heating up our planet is crazy. And this is still counting without DoS attack traffic.

Hey solar power enthusiasts out there, what is your experience with inverter reliability? The grid synced one at home usually has issues once a week, which requires either waiting for the next day or restarting by pulling the fuse. Also in commercial photovoltaic setups I've seen inverter more or less explode (probably due to heat) with aluminum cases deformed and the lid blown away. Looking at things like and I'm wondering how much automatic monitoring they implement to restart the inverters automatically.

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