I've used the last 8-days to get a benchmark for my Dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer usage. It turns out, we use these things a lot in my home...

In 8 days, my family ran the dishwasher 7 times. This consumed approximately 11.9 kWh in and 0.098 m3 of fresh . On an average, 30-day month, this amounts to 44.63 kWh and 0.37 m3 of water.

In 8 days, my family ran the washing machine on the cold cycle 11-times. This consumed 7.79 kWh & 0.7 m3 of fresh water. On an average, 30-day month, this amounts to 29.22 kWh and 2.62 m3 of water.

In 8 days, my family ran the dryer for a total of 11-hours. This consumed 61.6 kWh of electricity, which translates to 231 kWh in a 30-day month.

Combined, these three appliances would consume 3,708.9 kWh and 36.4 m3 of water.

Now that I have a , I can begin to improve upon those numbers. Every little bit helps.

Just finished rearranging my growing pots.

My white onions were already reaching the grow light, so I had to relocate them to a small stand next to my shelf and give them their own bulb.

Filled the extra space though! I now have a pot for some Regina strawberries & another for some dwarf sunflowers I hope to surprise my spouse with at some point.

I also began my cherry tomatoes in a jiffy pot. If it sprouts, this will need to be replanted, but I'm comfortable with getting some tomatoes a little earlier.

Realized earlier this week that just tracking my methane, electricity, and water use through my bills doesn't really provide enough data for me to make many changes in my usage habits.

With the billing cycle ending on the 20th, that gives me 7 days to create a benchmark for three high-use items: clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher.

Once I have a benchmark, I can actively work to reduce my use of those particular items, and track my improvements.

Also decided it might be a good idea to add vehicle use to my tracking. I figure the easiest way to track is probably to record the number of Litres I put in the tank, when I put it in the tank. It won't be a precise as other methods, but basically treats the as a sunk cost.

Apparently, the Ontario average is about 2,700 Litres/year (Ontario Energy Board - 2017), which works out to 225 L/month. We're about half-way through and my total so far is just under 44 L. I'll call that a good start.

Track use. Change habits. Monitor effects and continue to adjust.

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With power use and its (and budgetary) impact in mind, I've finally removed BOINC from my devices and factory reset 9 phones/tablets that weren't really contributing much to their projects anymore.

These devices are well past their lifespan, so I'll be dropping them off for .

I've also cleared BOINC off my main computer, and for the first time in ages, turned it off for the night.

How much power will this save? Probably around 3-4 kWh/day... Maybe a touch more. It isn't much, but over the course of a year, that's at least 1095 kWh, which would have dropped last year's annual total back under 10 MWh.

Given that both & are still used for power generation here, every little bit helps.

Starting a new book this evening: Sustainable Home Design by Chris Magwood.

It's been a while since I read one that wasn't assigned reading. Not exactly light reading, but should be interesting.

It's part of a series and I noted there's one on Rainwater Harvesting that I may need to tune into next.

My first pre-scheduled post just went out on solarpunkcanuck.ca ( @admin ).

I integrated the plugin, but wasn't sure exactly how everything would propagate on Mastodon.

Looks like it mostly sends out just fine, but I did notice a pair of issues fairly quickly.

First, it only kept the first two images and seems to relocate them to the end of the post, but otherwise, not too bad.

Secondly, the activitypub tranlation leaves any image caption or alt-text where it was originally posted in the article, so the images go undescribed. This part is certainly not ideal and I'll have to post the issue to the plugin's designer. This should be something they can fix in a future update.

Earlier this week I had added a new page and all the advanced elements were rubbish or completely failed to translate in Mastodon, so I deactivated that functionality.

Oh what a difference 3 days makes.

Schools are now online until at least 17th. Time to figure out an education plan. Good thing I built the kids a schoolroom.


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Day 2 of 2022.

My spouse and I have now finalized the next steps in transforming our household .

Through 2021, we've gone from having meat twice (or more) daily, to daily, to 6 and then 5 days per week. We've also completely cut beef, and we don't miss it at all.

With the exception for our New Years Day dinner, we're down to 3 days a week. Although we start with pork twice a week, that drops to weekly by midmonth, and will disappear once we finish off whatever we have in the freezer.

In February we go up to 2 fully vegetarian days, three egg, and two meat per week. By June we'll drop to 1 meat, 4 egg, 2 vegetarian. October will see us move to 1 meat, 3 egg, 3 vegetarian.

If all goes well, this should all be habit by 2023 and my spouse and I can discuss further diet shifts.

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is now ready for its official launch.

🚀 joinfediverse.wiki/ 🚀

Please share this page far and wide.
It's mainly thought to be a first contact point for Fediverse newbies.

Since my last post 8 days ago this changed:
:fedi: mobile version now available
:fedi: some new editors joined and edits were made
:fedi: many spam editors joined and were banned
:fedi: lots of good feedback was given. Thanks!

What hasn't happened yet:
🔜 Support for pages in Languages other that English (technically difficult)
🔜 Many pages are still missing.


Found a relatively easy way to add my blog to the . It turns out there's an plugin for . I installed & activated the plugin, and now people can get my blog's feed from & the like.

It's still a pretty new blog, but I have to start somewhere.

Give it a follow in the Fediverse: @admin

If you'd prefer to see the (prettier) website: solarpunkcanuck.ca

With PCR confirmed infections at an all-time high, my provincial government has decided to end PCR testing for all but the immunocomprised, end rapid antigen testing, shorten isolation for confirmed cases to 5 days, end any attempts at contact tracing, and delay the return to school for kids to January 5th.

We've officially entered the and phase here in Ontario, Canada.

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is almost ready for it's official launch in 8 days.


Right now I'm gathering feedback from people who are not deep into the Fediverse yet.
What you can do to help:
* this post.
* show the wiki to your non-fedizen friends and forward me their feedback.
* of course you can give me feedback yourself even if you're a Fediverse veteran.
* help edit the wiki. For now I wrote almost everything myself.

Happy holidays everybody. 🎉

Harvested my first load of salad greens from my first Aerogarden, which is my first trial balloon at . I've probably double this amount ready to be harvested for two or three more big salads.

Now that I've trimmed back the greens, maybe the hot peppers will have a chance to grow a bit.

Just a PSA for the many of us who have lost track of the calendar in this never ending 2020:

it is actually Sunday, December 19th, 2021.

All done for 2021. Unless I really screwed up (like grades under 30% on final exams/assignments), mu 4.0 GPA should be intact.

3 of my final assignments were written/presented on . More specifically, I did a case study on , a presentation on harvesting & backyard gardening, and a presentation on countertop photobioreactors for growing .

Didn't originally plan these assignments to be on these topics (except the multistage rainwater presentation), but that's how it turned out.

Given how much work I've been putting into some of this stuff, I've gone ahead and started piecing together a bit of a environmentally based blog/how-to site: solarpunkcanuck.ca .

Still lots of work to be done on it, but have to start somewhere.

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Somehow, I managed to turn the emerging technologies presentation into one about food security as well.

Turned it into a discussion about countertop photobioreactors and the importance of starting to grow our own algae at home.

I may just have to share that presentation somewhere...

That's 3 down, 1 more to go.

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I've crossed the 1st two off the list. Moving on to preparing & recording the Rainwater Harvesting presentation.

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My to-do list for the next couple of days makes me sound way more interesting than I am:

* Submit Bond/Mortgage Analysis
* Complete Food Banks Case Study
* Present Rainwater Harvesting Findings
* Complete Retail Marketing Assessment
* Present on Emerging Technology

If I got paid to do any of these things, I'd probably be laughing!

I know it isn't , but the new kitten was finally caught snuggling with our older cat. It's too cute not to share.

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