Time for some more news.

I've now harvested & devoured my carrots. They weighed in around 550 g. Looks like, in addition to them being over planted, the soil was compacted. As a result, they were all stubby & intergrown. Despite this, they were some of the tastiest carrots I've ever eaten.

This morning I harvested my 1st tomato. There are 11 more in various stages of ripening. Should get quite a few tomato sandwiches and salads out of these guys.

Sadly, the onions were devoured by . They ate the whole crop.

My potatoes aren't ready yet, and the pumpkins still haven't reached the flowering stage. If I get 1 pumpkin by the end of October, I'll be happy. As for the potatoes, I hope I get quite a few. We eat potatoes like crazy in this house.

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