The Ontario government released their back to school plan for the fall. Basically boils down to "COVID doesn't exist, and if an outbreak happens, we don't care since kids don't contribute to the GDP."

My kids are both under 6. Neither of them can be vaccinated yet, and the most likely vaccine won't be available until 2022. The Delta variant is brutal for kids their age, and my eldest already has a weak immune system.

Looks like I'll have to pull them out and them. Atleast they won't suffer more "Emergency Remote Learning" and I'll be better able to integrate learning about the and various international holidays.

If anyone has helpful links, please share!


A follow up on this.

After significant debate, we ended up enrolling our eldest in . We switched him from the catholic school board to the public school board, because unlike the catholic board, they don't think they can just pray away.

Also, we weren't feeling comfortable with our money continuing to fund a system that is responsible for the assault, rape, and murder of thousands of children in our country through the residential school system.

To move along a path of , we totalled the 1-year's worth of education taxes we sent to the catholic board, and donated an offsetting amount, plus 30%, to our local indigenous education charity and have setup recurring donations to happen twice a year (National Indigenous Day and my birthday). It doesn't really make up for 127 years of abuse & neglect, but it's something we can afford.

Our kids are enrolled in an age-appropriate online course to learn about culture, and my spouse and I have been taking one ourselves.

We were pretty upset last Spring with the 3-hour sermons our kindergartener had to attend during school that were clearly streamed for a high-school aged demographic.

There's a lot of other reasons for the switch, but those 3 were the biggest.

Unfortunately, this does mean we need to be prepared for more "emergency remote learning" if the Delta variant causes the school to shut down again. We have gone ahead and prepared a homework area. Fingers crossed we don't have to use it too much.

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