I've come to realize that I do like , but I'm not sure I chose the right instance.

I mean, I care about the environment and try my best to choose more environmentally friendly options, upcycle, etc. I donate to environment causes, and I help my boomer parents sort through their (ample) waste to get things into the recycling or compost. I choose local businesses and locally sourced fruits and vegetables (supplemented with some from my own small garden).

But I'm not really an "activist." I focus on what I, personally, can do to try to make the world a better place, but generally let other make their own choices (largely because I could easily get shivved in my neighbourhood if I "stick my nose where is doesn't belong").

There are a lot of instances out there, but I'm uncertain where I would really fit. My posts feel a bit out of place here, although I'm sure they're a bit of a happy break from some of the continuously distressing climate stuff that tends to be more typical.

I suppose it might help if I figure out what I really want from an instance. I think I want something a little solarpunk, with others sharing their images & experiences making the world around them more liveable. But is that all I'm looking for? I don't quite know...

Thoughts & suggestions welcome of course.

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