We've been having issues with in the neighbourhood. They got at my green bin (again) because my toddlers had dumped some pork shops into the bin (meat is a big no-no).

It took 3 hours, but I managed to disassemble an old wooden pallet and built a box for the compost bin. Much like the pallet, the vinyl privacy screen is leftover from a prior project and it makes the box look a little cleaner and more like it's something that belongs.

After taking the photo, I added some 4" hinges on an old door and a latch that had been sitting in my spare parts box for years. Only thing that was new (aside from the screws) was a lock for the latch. Raccoons are smart, so I've no doubt they would have removed the lid for safe snacking. This should keep it shut, and keep the contents from being spread across the yard.

I can't wait to watch the raccoons try to figure this out in the security footage! If they do, I'll have to get more creative.

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