I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. You may have heard of us because we have a giant Nickel up on a hillside, because we produce a lot of nickel, or because we were such a barren wasteland that NASA used to come here to simulate moon-like conditions...

Over the past 40 years, this city & its mines went from a major source of acid rain and deforestation to a favoured destination for outdoor activities. With 330 lakes used for recreational fishing, many kilometres of hiking and biking trails through the wilderness, and healthy foliage all over, there's a lot to love.

The Narwhal recently put out a really good piece on Sudbury's restoration. Hopefully, it can provide a beacon of hope in the ongoing climate emergency:

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Er... I guess it was originally published on "The Conversation" and was picked up later by The Narwhal. Feel free to read the original version of the article there:

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