I have an older laptop collecting dust. I'm thinking of putting on it and using it as a basic machine for general internet, scuttlebutt, mastodon use. Maybe some LibreOffice documents, but just a basic use machine.

I'm not a programmer and have very little experience with Linux.

Which Linux distro should I use? Any apps you recommend for a basic user?


From replies elsewhere, it appears is recommended for new users of .

Installing on my old Acer E-17 now. This should be fun.

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Had the no bootable drive error.

Took a little bit of work and a few walkthroughs, but I now have running on my old laptop.

Now, let's see what I need to install to get rolling...

To follow up on this, I'm having some fun with so far. First two apps I added: (for ) and (for ).

I'm looking forward to playing around with it during the day while I'm upstairs with my toddler. Trying to read everything on my cellphone has not been the most entertaining thing in the world.

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