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Tomorrow is election day here. Our federal government (Liberal minority) decided to call one a year ahead of schedule, "to remove the obstructions of passing legislation during the pandemic."

If polling is to be believed, they're likely coming back with a weaker minority than they had prior to the election, with significant growth of the far-right People's Party, and the not-quite as openly racist Conservative Party.

The Green Party of Canada basically tore itself apart in the months preceding the election, with the right-wing Greens triumphing over the Ecosocialist & left-wing greens in determining the party's new leader. As a result, they were unable to get enough candidates to run in every riding, for the first time in several cycles. Again, looking at the polls, they'll be lucky to hold onto a single seat.

Despite the party's ill-timed collapse, environmental concerns are the top issue in my region:

Even without the collapse, the Greens would not have been more than the balance of power in a strong minority government, but they were looking at possibly hitting the 12 seats required for official party status in the House of Commons.

This pretty much leaves my choice between "Canada's Natural Ruling Party" (Liberals) and the New Democratic Party (NDP). As the Liberal have a 100+ year track record of not following through on their promises, I guess there really isn't much of a choice.

Although the NDP typically has a strong environmental platform, the one they put out this election is probably the weakest since I started voting 21 years ago.

I guess I just have to hope they have a strong enough caucus to influence the new minority government...

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