I'll admit it, it's very hard to break from a consumerist cycle.

It seems like every 2-3 years, I get a new . Once tanked, I switched over to the Nexus 5 (2013), and that was replaced with an S6 in 2015 because the touchscreen stopped responding. I got the S8 in 2017 because my S6 stopped working, and then I got the S10 in 2019 because the speaker went on my S8.

It's now 2021, and I'm getting the new cellphone itch.

The thing is, my current cellphone still works quite well for my purposes. The battery holds up through the day (if I'm not glued to it), and it has more than enough power & functionality for everything I need.

As a result, I think I'm just idly watching what's available on the market with the expectation that this one is going to break down soon.

I would love to switch over to the new @Fairphone 4, especially since I could just swap out the speaker or camera, or nearly any part once it breaks down. Sadly they don't ship beyond Europe.

Anything like that available on this side of the Atlantic? I haven't been having much luck finding it.

I'm also liking the look of Samsung's new Z Fold 3, as a (sometimes) larger screen could come in handy, but I'm not sure about the durability of a folding screen.

I'm really just looking for the sake of looking right now, but let's face it, this thing is only designed to last 2-years, so I'll need something new soon.

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@srgray I assume because you are on Mastodon that you are aware of the privacy nightmare of most and especially newer phones. Get a used phone and reflash, root, or debloat it. Pixel with GrapheneOS is the most secure and private and can be purchased anonymously on ebay. If you want to go with other makers, check out what steps you would need to take to flash with Lineageos, root from XDA=developers, or debloat with

What's ? I didn't think that was still a thing. 😜

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