Never did I ever:

Think that I would write an essay about and use far-right nutjobs like Proud Boys, American Guard, Soldiers of Odin Canada, and Donald Trump as points of evidence...

I'm so disgusted with myself right now.


To be clear, the question we were asked to answer was whether there should be censorship on the internet.

The gist of my argument was that there has never been a time there wasn't, and unless everyone magically had equal power over the internet (including connections & backbones) the question is irrelevant and there will always be some degree of censorship present.

As an anecdote: my first website, built way back in 1992, was a home-brewed campaign setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (that's 2nd edition for younger folk). When I added explosives to my campaign and used a list of materials that players would need to create explosives (harvested from my old BBS copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook), my site was removed (and I had some great conversations with local police).

Censorship has always been a part of the Internet. Some governments & corporations are just more transparent about their censorship than others.

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