My to-do list for the next couple of days makes me sound way more interesting than I am:

* Submit Bond/Mortgage Analysis
* Complete Food Banks Case Study
* Present Rainwater Harvesting Findings
* Complete Retail Marketing Assessment
* Present on Emerging Technology

If I got paid to do any of these things, I'd probably be laughing!

I've crossed the 1st two off the list. Moving on to preparing & recording the Rainwater Harvesting presentation.

Somehow, I managed to turn the emerging technologies presentation into one about food security as well.

Turned it into a discussion about countertop photobioreactors and the importance of starting to grow our own algae at home.

I may just have to share that presentation somewhere...

That's 3 down, 1 more to go.

All done for 2021. Unless I really screwed up (like grades under 30% on final exams/assignments), mu 4.0 GPA should be intact.

3 of my final assignments were written/presented on . More specifically, I did a case study on , a presentation on harvesting & backyard gardening, and a presentation on countertop photobioreactors for growing .

Didn't originally plan these assignments to be on these topics (except the multistage rainwater presentation), but that's how it turned out.

Given how much work I've been putting into some of this stuff, I've gone ahead and started piecing together a bit of a environmentally based blog/how-to site: .

Still lots of work to be done on it, but have to start somewhere.

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