Day 2 of 2022.

My spouse and I have now finalized the next steps in transforming our household .

Through 2021, we've gone from having meat twice (or more) daily, to daily, to 6 and then 5 days per week. We've also completely cut beef, and we don't miss it at all.

With the exception for our New Years Day dinner, we're down to 3 days a week. Although we start with pork twice a week, that drops to weekly by midmonth, and will disappear once we finish off whatever we have in the freezer.

In February we go up to 2 fully vegetarian days, three egg, and two meat per week. By June we'll drop to 1 meat, 4 egg, 2 vegetarian. October will see us move to 1 meat, 3 egg, 3 vegetarian.

If all goes well, this should all be habit by 2023 and my spouse and I can discuss further diet shifts.

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