Realized earlier this week that just tracking my methane, electricity, and water use through my bills doesn't really provide enough data for me to make many changes in my usage habits.

With the billing cycle ending on the 20th, that gives me 7 days to create a benchmark for three high-use items: clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher.

Once I have a benchmark, I can actively work to reduce my use of those particular items, and track my improvements.

Also decided it might be a good idea to add vehicle use to my tracking. I figure the easiest way to track is probably to record the number of Litres I put in the tank, when I put it in the tank. It won't be a precise as other methods, but basically treats the as a sunk cost.

Apparently, the Ontario average is about 2,700 Litres/year (Ontario Energy Board - 2017), which works out to 225 L/month. We're about half-way through and my total so far is just under 44 L. I'll call that a good start.

Track use. Change habits. Monitor effects and continue to adjust.

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