Harvested my first load of salad greens from my first Aerogarden, which is my first trial balloon at . I've probably double this amount ready to be harvested for two or three more big salads.

Now that I've trimmed back the greens, maybe the hot peppers will have a chance to grow a bit.

Our first fall sunflower is now in full bloom. Expecting 4 more over the week with others to follow. Can't wait!

Next year we'll be putting up a gardening box away from the fence, so it'll get a lot more sunlight and these should grow a lot better. Just hope we can get some seeds out of these.

With my bean stalks starting to wither, I picked my 2nd "crop" of the season. Still wasn't very much, but another nice snack for when I'm studying.

The photo below is of the 1st crop. 2nd crop was about twice the size (but I already ate it). Both crops were delicious.

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