To follow up on this, I'm having some fun with so far. First two apps I added: (for ) and (for ).

I'm looking forward to playing around with it during the day while I'm upstairs with my toddler. Trying to read everything on my cellphone has not been the most entertaining thing in the world.

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As part of the program, I am required to take a course called "Cybernation," which is basically a "what is a computer, where did it come from, and how is it used" course.

Today's topic was in relation to software, and we needed to add our "favourite" software to a "glossary" (their word, not actually a glossary), with a description of its purpose and links.

I chose to add three: , , and .

I thought about adding as well, but I prefer Ecosia so I'll stick with that. I am considering adding , but need to focus on some other assignments for the moment.

We also had to add our thoughts on Open Source Software to a discussion board. Apparently, I am the only one that knew about Open Source Software before this class...

I wish I could just "challenge" the class and skip through it. It's painful.

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