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Been trying to find a way to eliminate or vastly decrease my fossil fuel usage.

My car is over a decade old with less than 95,000 km. From the beginning of our lockdown in March of 2020, we trimmed it down to averaging 38 L / 5 weeks, from 114 L over the same period. We've done well there, and can't really improve it much further without a new vehicle.

We do have Natural Gas running to the house, which runs our furnace & hot water tank (we have water heating). I took our average annual usage (over 3 years of data): 3,000 m3/year.

Sadly, if converted to electric power, (Ontario is largely on hydropower) that's 31,650 kWh, triple what we currently use in the house. Ran the math, and that's a price increase of $3257/yr (CAD$) if we were to switch to an all-electric option.

Did some base calculations for adding solar to the roof and it would not offset our current electric usage, never mind the potential addition from an EV.

Looks like there's a lot of work to do before we can start looking at making that a realistic option.

Kids are far too big to play in the sandbox anymore. Perfect time for some .

I now have a (relatively shallow) planter that should work well for lettuce & the like next year.

Definitely big enough for what we're looking to do for now. Looking forward to some more .

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Pineapple on Pizza? πŸ•πŸ

With my bean stalks starting to wither, I picked my 2nd "crop" of the season. Still wasn't very much, but another nice snack for when I'm studying.

The photo below is of the 1st crop. 2nd crop was about twice the size (but I already ate it). Both crops were delicious.

The Ontario government released their back to school plan for the fall. Basically boils down to "COVID doesn't exist, and if an outbreak happens, we don't care since kids don't contribute to the GDP."

My kids are both under 6. Neither of them can be vaccinated yet, and the most likely vaccine won't be available until 2022. The Delta variant is brutal for kids their age, and my eldest already has a weak immune system.

Looks like I'll have to pull them out and them. Atleast they won't suffer more "Emergency Remote Learning" and I'll be better able to integrate learning about the and various international holidays.

If anyone has helpful links, please share!

I've meant to get set up on Mastodon for a while now. I figure it will work out as I move off Twitter.

It should work nicely alongside Scuttlebutt.

Probably be a fair bit of gardening & soccer-related posts, and maybe some stuff on getting back into shape, reducing my carbon footprint, etc.

We will just have to see what exactly comes out of this.

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