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From replies elsewhere, it appears is recommended for new users of .

Installing on my old Acer E-17 now. This should be fun.

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I have an older laptop collecting dust. I'm thinking of putting on it and using it as a basic machine for general internet, scuttlebutt, mastodon use. Maybe some LibreOffice documents, but just a basic use machine.

I'm not a programmer and have very little experience with Linux.

Which Linux distro should I use? Any apps you recommend for a basic user?

4 days into the year and my eldest (5 yrs - Senior Kindergarten) developed an NDC (nasty disgusting cold) despite all the wearing and hand sanitizing. We were not surprised, but very disappointed.

He then spent the weekend and the next 3 days at home , and making sure everyone else in the house would get it too.

Before we could send him back, we had to get a negative test. He fought it, but ultimately was swabbed. In his words, he'll "never get sick again."

My only response?

"I wish that were possible kid."

As part of the program, I am required to take a course called "Cybernation," which is basically a "what is a computer, where did it come from, and how is it used" course.

Today's topic was in relation to software, and we needed to add our "favourite" software to a "glossary" (their word, not actually a glossary), with a description of its purpose and links.

I chose to add three: , , and .

I thought about adding as well, but I prefer Ecosia so I'll stick with that. I am considering adding , but need to focus on some other assignments for the moment.

We also had to add our thoughts on Open Source Software to a discussion board. Apparently, I am the only one that knew about Open Source Software before this class...

I wish I could just "challenge" the class and skip through it. It's painful.

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This blew up in Kansas City.

A man is being threatened with fines or even imprisonment over the native wildflowers growing in his front yard.


Harvested my late-planted red potatoes today. From about 8 seeding potatoes to slightly over 2 kg of produce.

Looking forward to roasting a bunch of these up tonight.

I don't care if you call me a bad father for this, but I'll take this 20 minutes of peace and quiet any day.

The flower opened up on my first pumpkin this morning. With any luck, I'll have one ready to turn into pie by Halloween.

Received a surprise package in the mail from 1812 FC. I had basically given up on ever receiving these jerseys, but they were so worth the wait!

I think I like the yellow one the most.

Luna (3 yrs) closely watches as Moon (10 weeks) joins her on the accent chair I recently fixed up. The big continues to get scared by the kitten and runs off. The kitten runs at him full speed, heedless of consequences.

I love my cats, even with my .

Er... I guess it was originally published on "The Conversation" and was picked up later by The Narwhal. Feel free to read the original version of the article there:

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I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. You may have heard of us because we have a giant Nickel up on a hillside, because we produce a lot of nickel, or because we were such a barren wasteland that NASA used to come here to simulate moon-like conditions...

Over the past 40 years, this city & its mines went from a major source of acid rain and deforestation to a favoured destination for outdoor activities. With 330 lakes used for recreational fishing, many kilometres of hiking and biking trails through the wilderness, and healthy foliage all over, there's a lot to love.

The Narwhal recently put out a really good piece on Sudbury's restoration. Hopefully, it can provide a beacon of hope in the ongoing climate emergency:

My spouse repeatedly says "leave me a couple bananas to make ." Somehow, this always translates to rotten bananas and a forest of fruit flies.

One day I may actually get to taste the banana bread... Maybe.

We've been having issues with in the neighbourhood. They got at my green bin (again) because my toddlers had dumped some pork shops into the bin (meat is a big no-no).

It took 3 hours, but I managed to disassemble an old wooden pallet and built a box for the compost bin. Much like the pallet, the vinyl privacy screen is leftover from a prior project and it makes the box look a little cleaner and more like it's something that belongs.

After taking the photo, I added some 4" hinges on an old door and a latch that had been sitting in my spare parts box for years. Only thing that was new (aside from the screws) was a lock for the latch. Raccoons are smart, so I've no doubt they would have removed the lid for safe snacking. This should keep it shut, and keep the contents from being spread across the yard.

I can't wait to watch the raccoons try to figure this out in the security footage! If they do, I'll have to get more creative.

I've come to realize that I do like , but I'm not sure I chose the right instance.

I mean, I care about the environment and try my best to choose more environmentally friendly options, upcycle, etc. I donate to environment causes, and I help my boomer parents sort through their (ample) waste to get things into the recycling or compost. I choose local businesses and locally sourced fruits and vegetables (supplemented with some from my own small garden).

But I'm not really an "activist." I focus on what I, personally, can do to try to make the world a better place, but generally let other make their own choices (largely because I could easily get shivved in my neighbourhood if I "stick my nose where is doesn't belong").

There are a lot of instances out there, but I'm uncertain where I would really fit. My posts feel a bit out of place here, although I'm sure they're a bit of a happy break from some of the continuously distressing climate stuff that tends to be more typical.

I suppose it might help if I figure out what I really want from an instance. I think I want something a little solarpunk, with others sharing their images & experiences making the world around them more liveable. But is that all I'm looking for? I don't quite know...

Thoughts & suggestions welcome of course.

We repainted our doors a couple years ago, and had half a can of paint leftover. We always figured we could use it for touch ups.

Then we rebuilt the gate to our backyard to make it lighter & more stable. The wood was unpainted & reused from the old garage we tore down, so it wasn't too appealing. Took all summer, but my spouse finally gave me permission to it.

I finally heard the words "you were right, it looks good." Someone needs to mark that on a digital calendar or something...

Our first fall sunflower is now in full bloom. Expecting 4 more over the week with others to follow. Can't wait!

Next year we'll be putting up a gardening box away from the fence, so it'll get a lot more sunlight and these should grow a lot better. Just hope we can get some seeds out of these.

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Apparently there are still a lot of people out there that don't understand that most #OpenSource and #CreativeCommons licenses require attribution where you give credit to the creators whose work you are reusing or building upon. Being a good digital citizen and doing this only helps grow the commons. Don't forget.

A follow up on this.

After significant debate, we ended up enrolling our eldest in . We switched him from the catholic school board to the public school board, because unlike the catholic board, they don't think they can just pray away.

Also, we weren't feeling comfortable with our money continuing to fund a system that is responsible for the assault, rape, and murder of thousands of children in our country through the residential school system.

To move along a path of , we totalled the 1-year's worth of education taxes we sent to the catholic board, and donated an offsetting amount, plus 30%, to our local indigenous education charity and have setup recurring donations to happen twice a year (National Indigenous Day and my birthday). It doesn't really make up for 127 years of abuse & neglect, but it's something we can afford.

Our kids are enrolled in an age-appropriate online course to learn about culture, and my spouse and I have been taking one ourselves.

We were pretty upset last Spring with the 3-hour sermons our kindergartener had to attend during school that were clearly streamed for a high-school aged demographic.

There's a lot of other reasons for the switch, but those 3 were the biggest.

Unfortunately, this does mean we need to be prepared for more "emergency remote learning" if the Delta variant causes the school to shut down again. We have gone ahead and prepared a homework area. Fingers crossed we don't have to use it too much.

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It's been 20 days since we planted the pumpkins, very late in season, in our repurposed sandbox. Theyve grown a lot since then and have begun to send out some tendrils. If I'm lucky and we don't get hit with an early frost, I might get a pumpkin before Hallowe'en.

Fingers crossed!

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