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Let me get this straight. On the tails of , Trudeau is fighting to stop the US from moving toward EV vehicles and reducing its reliance on ?

But somehow Alberta thinks this PM is anti-alberta...

The mental gymnastics required for this level of hypocrisy is painful.

I love this. Ontario's northernmost First Nation is now on solar, eliminating the need/use of over 400k litres of Diesel fuel.

With the number if isolated and diesel-reliant First Nations across Ontario's Far North, we need to see a lot more of this:

Spent about half my day playing around with Home Assistant.

I've got my cameras, alarms, CO detector, mesh, and cellular hooked in so far.

My smoke, heat, and freeze detectors aren't reading properly, but I'm not ready to give up on it yet.

When we get to my lights, a pair are Phillips Hue via Bluetooth, which apparently aren't supported (as they don't use a Hue Hub).

The rest of the lights, plus an outdoor smart plug, are all Globe. Apparently, these are Tuya and I'll have to do some sort of Tuya convert to get them synced in.

I also have a number of Alexa devices, but I'm not sure if I want to bring them in. The whole point of moving over to HA is to get away from the Amazon's & Googles...

Maybe there's a way to clear the Echos & use them for HA with a non-Amazon digital assistant... Going to take some more digging.

Now, what else should I look into integrating here...

Founder of Equiterre & former Quebec director of @Greenpeace was just made Minister of the Environment & Climate Change here in Canada. Hopefully it's a sign there will be some more significant action here, as opposed to his activities being moderated by his new position.

So yeah, this research project took a heck of a turn.

Upon deep diving the two climate modeling papers, it turns out one of them basically ended their data collection around 1990, which explains why the precipitation projections for the 2030s, 2050s, and 2080s seem a little strange.

The other separated snowfall from precipitation and used the amount of snowfall in cm instead of the moisture density, so half their projection is basically useless. I'm not sure how that got past the peer review stage, but maybe it has something to do with the researcher being from Brazil and not really understanding snow? For people unfamiliar with it, snow can be confusing, so I'll cut him some slack.

Moving to my 3 scholarly sources on harvesting... I'll name them Virginia, Poland, and NorCal after where they were focused.

All agreed that it is possible to capture enough rainwater for outdoor vegetable , provided you had enough storage capacity. The Poland research even went into detail about converting buildings of different types to use rainwater internally.

They all also agreed that cost may be an issue (>$1.4k US for NorCal to provide a reliable, potable water supply year round, Poland's pricing was in the $100k US range because of major plumbing retrofits).

Finally, they also all agree that the effect on mitigation was insignificant, with the Virginia paper even using a 100% adoption simulation for their test area.

This info all helps, but still doesn't bring my research to an end. It does let me stop looking at wastewater mitigation, and it certainly provides some great direction for calculating water needs (NorCal was beautifully detailed in that respect).

I'll have to update the precipitation trends myself, using updated data from Environment Canada through 2020. Combining that with water needs calculations and the water/wastewater rates in Greater Sudbury will give me a full answer to my original research question.

Sadly, PRECIS is no longer taking applications for more work (not that I'd likely get everything back in time for my final presentation), so I won't be able to update the probability models.

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To be clear, the question we were asked to answer was whether there should be censorship on the internet.

The gist of my argument was that there has never been a time there wasn't, and unless everyone magically had equal power over the internet (including connections & backbones) the question is irrelevant and there will always be some degree of censorship present.

As an anecdote: my first website, built way back in 1992, was a home-brewed campaign setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (that's 2nd edition for younger folk). When I added explosives to my campaign and used a list of materials that players would need to create explosives (harvested from my old BBS copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook), my site was removed (and I had some great conversations with local police).

Censorship has always been a part of the Internet. Some governments & corporations are just more transparent about their censorship than others.

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Never did I ever:

Think that I would write an essay about and use far-right nutjobs like Proud Boys, American Guard, Soldiers of Odin Canada, and Donald Trump as points of evidence...

I'm so disgusted with myself right now.

I've been doing some research regarding the necessity for harvesting in Sudbury, Ontario, .

My initial literature review actually indicates that it is less necessary the more our planet warms, as this area can expect to increase (significantly) between now and 2050, according to a pair of peer-reviewed sources that were published in 2016.

This is not the result I was expecting, especially considering:

Sudbury, Ontario has warmed by 1.8C so far and is projected to warm by between 2C - 6.8C by 2100 — via @CarbonBrief

That said, it does reinforce my anecdotal experiences of wetter weather over the past few years...

is crazy.

Still more scholarly sources are needed, so I've more digging to do.

Maybe there's something on changing evaporation rates due to increased temperature that would be of value?

I had hoped to use less this month.

We just found out Smeagle has not done any for over a year.

We've washed & dried 6 loads now, but we're only halfway through.

It really stinks.

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Brought Smeagle for his first load of under a yesterday.

It went well, but I really didn't realize how minimal his knowledge of shopping & pricing were. If he sticks to the 2-week menu we laid out together, he'll be fine through to the next grocery run.

Fingers crossed...

I'll admit it, it's very hard to break from a consumerist cycle.

It seems like every 2-3 years, I get a new . Once tanked, I switched over to the Nexus 5 (2013), and that was replaced with an S6 in 2015 because the touchscreen stopped responding. I got the S8 in 2017 because my S6 stopped working, and then I got the S10 in 2019 because the speaker went on my S8.

It's now 2021, and I'm getting the new cellphone itch.

The thing is, my current cellphone still works quite well for my purposes. The battery holds up through the day (if I'm not glued to it), and it has more than enough power & functionality for everything I need.

As a result, I think I'm just idly watching what's available on the market with the expectation that this one is going to break down soon.

I would love to switch over to the new @Fairphone 4, especially since I could just swap out the speaker or camera, or nearly any part once it breaks down. Sadly they don't ship beyond Europe.

Anything like that available on this side of the Atlantic? I haven't been having much luck finding it.

I'm also liking the look of Samsung's new Z Fold 3, as a (sometimes) larger screen could come in handy, but I'm not sure about the durability of a folding screen.

I'm really just looking for the sake of looking right now, but let's face it, this thing is only designed to last 2-years, so I'll need something new soon.

My brother-in-law is extremely "developmentally delayed". He's 22, but still around early high school level for his capability.

He has a that is supposed to manage his money, and a worker that is supposed to help him with appointments, filling out forms, grocery shopping, etc.

In addition to discovering he was still without any legal ID (4 years after the trustee assured us she would take him), last week we discovered that he hasn't had any contact with his trustee (who has admitted to regularly steals from her autistic son's cheques) for over 2 years, and has been left to his own devices. Although he has had some contact with his worker, COVID protocols prevent them from doing a lot of the stuff they're hired to do.

As a result, his disability income has apparently been disappearing by midmonth, and he's been mooching off his brother for leftovers. He also was down to just 1 set of clothes, and a surprisingly long list of other issues.

We knew none of this because they don't answer phone calls and any text messages are single word responses. Think: How's it going? "Good." What are you eating? "Sandwich." What are you up to? "Gaming."

Anyhow, now that we know, we've started to step in to help.

First, he let us have a copy of his bank statements for the previous 120 days, so we could see where his money was going and help him build a budget. He even agreed to have a copy of the statements forwarded directly to us.

I analyzed the data and some not so big surprises:
* 30% of income going toward xbox/playstation/computer gaming
* 10% of income going to Bank & ATM fees
* 33% of income going to Rent
* 7% to Phone & Internet
* 20% to Dining Out, Corner Store "groceries", mystery charges

Yeah, no wonder he's in trouble...

We brought him to get his ID, and it was all done within about 45 minutes. Then we went and picked him up 5 new shirts, 5 new pants, underwear & socks... We'll need to ask him what he has for fall/winter wear...

Later today, we're bringing him over for food & laundry. We'll also be presenting him with a budget and giving him a trio of grocery options.

1. We can take him for a trip of groceries weekly, letting him take the lead, but keeping him within his budget.
2. He can give us a list of what he would like, and we can pick it up for him, again, within his budged.
3. The most extreme option, he provides us with the money, we stock him for breakfast stuff he can make himself, and we premake 62 meals for him that he can just reheat.

I like #2, I think he'll be tempted by #1, but I think what he probably needs is #3.

Bi-weekly meals with us, so he can get his laundry done, should help too. Especially as it will free up whatever he's been paying at the laundromat he's had to walk several blocks to get to.

Hopefully he's willing to accept our guidance. We're going to be the 1st people helping him out that really don't expect anything in return, and he knows that, but getting over years of abuse & neglect by others is going to be a significant hurdle.

Wish us luck. It's going to be quite a challenge.

It'll be 3 years, as of Oct 1st, that I moved into my own house. My youngest was born shortly thereafter.

Complaining about our thermostat being in Fahrenheit comes up every fall as we turn the furnace back on.

Finally had enough free time to dig up a manual on the internet and cut a wire to switch it to Celsius. Also cut another wire to switch it from HVAC to water heat...

Now that its finally done, I can't help but ask myself two questions:

1) What took so long?
2) Why wasn't this done originally?

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Canadian Politics 

Tomorrow is election day here. Our federal government (Liberal minority) decided to call one a year ahead of schedule, "to remove the obstructions of passing legislation during the pandemic."

If polling is to be believed, they're likely coming back with a weaker minority than they had prior to the election, with significant growth of the far-right People's Party, and the not-quite as openly racist Conservative Party.

The Green Party of Canada basically tore itself apart in the months preceding the election, with the right-wing Greens triumphing over the Ecosocialist & left-wing greens in determining the party's new leader. As a result, they were unable to get enough candidates to run in every riding, for the first time in several cycles. Again, looking at the polls, they'll be lucky to hold onto a single seat.

Despite the party's ill-timed collapse, environmental concerns are the top issue in my region:

Even without the collapse, the Greens would not have been more than the balance of power in a strong minority government, but they were looking at possibly hitting the 12 seats required for official party status in the House of Commons.

This pretty much leaves my choice between "Canada's Natural Ruling Party" (Liberals) and the New Democratic Party (NDP). As the Liberal have a 100+ year track record of not following through on their promises, I guess there really isn't much of a choice.

Although the NDP typically has a strong environmental platform, the one they put out this election is probably the weakest since I started voting 21 years ago.

I guess I just have to hope they have a strong enough caucus to influence the new minority government...

To follow up on this, I'm having some fun with so far. First two apps I added: (for ) and (for ).

I'm looking forward to playing around with it during the day while I'm upstairs with my toddler. Trying to read everything on my cellphone has not been the most entertaining thing in the world.

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Had the no bootable drive error.

Took a little bit of work and a few walkthroughs, but I now have running on my old laptop.

Now, let's see what I need to install to get rolling...

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From replies elsewhere, it appears is recommended for new users of .

Installing on my old Acer E-17 now. This should be fun.

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I have an older laptop collecting dust. I'm thinking of putting on it and using it as a basic machine for general internet, scuttlebutt, mastodon use. Maybe some LibreOffice documents, but just a basic use machine.

I'm not a programmer and have very little experience with Linux.

Which Linux distro should I use? Any apps you recommend for a basic user?

4 days into the year and my eldest (5 yrs - Senior Kindergarten) developed an NDC (nasty disgusting cold) despite all the wearing and hand sanitizing. We were not surprised, but very disappointed.

He then spent the weekend and the next 3 days at home , and making sure everyone else in the house would get it too.

Before we could send him back, we had to get a negative test. He fought it, but ultimately was swabbed. In his words, he'll "never get sick again."

My only response?

"I wish that were possible kid."

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