1/ Thanks to @W_Lucht for making @AndriMagnason make write this great book. We scientists live in a world where it is enough to say: “The glaciers are melting.“ But this does not reach the public. Andri Magnason finds the right words. He talks about the connection between Iceland

2/ and the Himalaja. The mythology of the water, the rivers there, the holy cows and the Icelandic mythology and how all this is connected. Combined with private stories. Stories about his family, how everything connects to nature, an interview with the Dalai Lama and so on.

3/ Since I work on Icelandic, I really liked to learn more about the country and also read the reflections on how to say things, that we need to find new ways to communicate and the examples that people could not talk about Christian religion without reference to their old views.

4/ This book reads well, read it within two days. It was one of the three books I read this summer (or should I say during the heat wave period?).
"3 Grad mehr" and "Less is more" by Jason Hickel are the other two.

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