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Completely forgot to do an , so here I go!

My name is Alexis Emmalyn Jayden, I'm a 20 (21 in January) years old autistic, disabled, non-binary, glutenfree vegan. As many others, I joined Mastodon for the sake of the Instagram boycott. I'm quite idealist, I believe all humans are capable of good (and therefore accountable when they choose not to be good) and I dream of a world without money or power, where people can be and love their true selves and not harm or be harmed.

To relax I sing, embroider, play the piano (if I have one available) and make collages with pictures of my chosen family. I generally enjoy listening to people rant about any opinions that don't cross the line of morals and values that I call basic human decency. I judge people on their worst, not their best, because it is in the toughest of moments that someone shows who they really are. Regardless, I will always hold hope that terrible people can turn around and improve themselves.

Feel free to DM me with your ideas to improve the world or rants about people who disrespect others. I won't be available all the time, but I generally like talking with people.

Our new guides show how you can obtain your data from numerous apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

In some cases we also show how you may be able to limit the collection of your data by these apps:

UK authorities spend tens of millions of pounds on border surveillance tech to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel.

Private tech and security companies profit - with little accountability.

(Thanks @ComputerWeekly for featuring our work)

Woensdag 19 januari vanaf 10:45 uur, Rechtbank Den Haag, Prins Clauslaan 60, Den Haag: solidariteit met huurder Hans bij hoger beroep tegen huisuitzetting

Je kunt je tot uiterlijk zondagavond 16 januari aanmelden (dat is verplicht).

#MustRead draadje! 🧵

📢🪧 Kom op 17 oktober naar de #WOONOPSTAND in het Afrikaanderpark in #Rotterdam!!!
Tijdens het gesprek met demissionair minister Ollongren hebben we als woonbeweging benadrukt dat er een radicale koerswijziging nodig is om de wooncrisis aan te pakken. Als organisatoren zijn we niet tevreden na het gesprek.…

Climate action training today at 16:00 in at de Nieuwland!

Please share if you can!

Grocery Begpost, Please Boost 

hey guys, i'm sorry to be a bother but it's been a slow month for me commissions wise and i need to get groceries for us. i need about $200 to get us through until the end of the month

commission info: (gallery is NSFW)

donation info:


Cashapp: $SCoyote

Venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest @mutualaid

Finally published the second chapter (fifth part) of Mytacea: Rayyan's mistake, my book about a world where society is made with autistics as the norm rather than neurotypicals!

I would really love to hear people's opinions, especially from others with . It might take a while before I post the next chapter as I'm still tinkering with the storyline, but I'm honestly pretty proud of my progress so I wanted to share.

Besef me net pas dat ik hier die link nooit aan had toegevoegd, terwijl het juist zo'n mooie speech was. Oeps.

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After searching for months, I finally found a Dutch chocolate company that, according to the Food Empowerment Project, is one of the most ethical in the world.

Honestly, I'm actually tearing up a bit. I've been searching for any place that would even ship to the Netherlands and it is so frustrating to see how negatively all the chocolate I'd eaten previously has impacted the world.

Anyway, for those who also want ethical chocolate shipped to them in the Netherlands, here is the shop:

If you find any issues with them of course do share. If we cannot have chocolate without slavery, then we shouldn't have chocolate at all.

All Out: *European Union: Take action against Hungary’s anti-LGBT+ law!*

✒️ SIGN!

"On June 15, #Hungary's parliament passed legislation that bans any material that could be seen by minors and that features gay characters or any sort of support for the #LGBT+ community.

Any content that shows LGBT+ relationships, transitioning to another gender, or images of the rainbow flag will now be labeled as "not recommended for those under 18 years of age" and will be allowed to air on television only between 10 pm and 5 am.

The law also extends to sex education, with only teachers and organizations who are approved by the government allowed to teach the subject.

The Hungarian government claims the legislation aims to "protect children," but the opposite is true. By fanning the flames of homophobia and transphobia, LGBT+ children and families are put at further risk of discrimination and violence.


Sign this #petition and urge the #EuropeanUnion to step up immediately and use all tools available to force the Hungarian government to retract the law."


De reacties onder deze tweet zijn weer van een bedroevend laag niveau. 😭 Tijd dat de #NOS de reacties gaat uitschakelen.

Verder jammer dat de NOS vrijwel alleen aandacht heeft voor NL. In het Globale Zuiden is de #klimaatcrisis nu al een catastrofe!



In Nederland hogere sterfte door klimaatverandering, stelt nieuw onderzoek

Please help us find people with a potential for activism in/near Amsterdam!

We are hoping to set up an activism group to support, educate and empower those in/near Amsterdam who want to help fight the injustices of the world but don't know how to or where to start. Our goals are to mobilise bigger crowds, to help people make a difference and to create a reserve/back-up of supporters for various intersectional, social and climate movements so that activists don't have to choose between the causes they believe in.

You can help us, and indirectly many other movements, by sharing these images (or the dutch ones on our website), this message or our website itself. Learn more, download the images and/or sign up at! Any effort helps a lot!

Vanmiddag gingen we met #ShellMustFall met een sloopkogel naar het hoofdkantoor van Shell, in Den Haag. Want er moet een einde komen aan hun imperium.

“Er is nog hoop: we kunnen het zoveel mooier maken dan het was. Maar we moeten het wel samen doen en niet alleen.”

Looking for activist willing to join a bannerdrop on May 20th for the campaign against the study loan program (leenstelsel)! Please share with anyone in/near Amsterdam you know!

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