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Completely forgot to do an , so here I go!

My name is Alexis Emmalyn Jayden, I'm a 20 (21 in January) years old autistic, disabled, non-binary, glutenfree vegan. As many others, I joined Mastodon for the sake of the Instagram boycott. I'm quite idealist, I believe all humans are capable of good (and therefore accountable when they choose not to be good) and I dream of a world without money or power, where people can be and love their true selves and not harm or be harmed.

To relax I sing, embroider, play the piano (if I have one available) and make collages with pictures of my chosen family. I generally enjoy listening to people rant about any opinions that don't cross the line of morals and values that I call basic human decency. I judge people on their worst, not their best, because it is in the toughest of moments that someone shows who they really are. Regardless, I will always hold hope that terrible people can turn around and improve themselves.

Feel free to DM me with your ideas to improve the world or rants about people who disrespect others. I won't be available all the time, but I generally like talking with people.

Message from The Hague Student Union:

I would like to inform you about The Hague Student Union.
We are a student collective created to fight for student rights as a group, since we can achieve so much more when work together.

Some of the issues we will tackle as a student union are:

• Schools not being safe and considerate regarding Covid
• Poor communication between schools and students
• Discrimination and prejudice (racism, ablism, transphobia, misogyny, etc.)

This isn't an exhaustive list and we would love to hear what you think are important issues for us to deal with as well.

Our goal is to include and represent all students, both Dutchies and internationals, from all colleges and universities located in The Hague.

We are a new organisation and looking for people who want to help us out by either working with us or by spreading our message.

If you are interested or have any questions you can reach out to Storm of The Hague Student Union over WhatsApp.
Their number is +31 6 20841743.

The eighth annual international Gender Census 2021 is now open until 10th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

If you live in California please click below to tell your Assemblymember to increase access to healthy and climate friendly plant-based food for children in public schools.

#PlantBased #Vegan #Vegetarian #California #PublicSchools #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis #Food #EcoFriendly

mutual aid for someone else 

another post for Tatiana. she was able to see a doctor for an injury from being houseless during a snow storm, but now needs funds for an urgent medical procedure.

venmo: @/Tatiana-Toplitz18

@mutualaid #mutualAid

Anyway, support a Black teacher pay bills and get through school #boost

"I'm a special education teacher for deaf kids! [edited for post length]

When I'm not teaching in a big plastic jumpsuit, I'm in grad school to officially get my masters in special education and I need help for books. So if you can give, thanks, I love you! If not, have a great day, I love you!"

Cashapp, Venmo, & Paypal: $freshprints215

Remember when I said that after Biden won everyone was going to pretend the border camps are fine becouse orange man gone.

I just found out that the "hundreds of people in Sweden called in sick to work by saying they're gay in 1979 to protest against homosexuality being considered an illness" is mostly bullshit, the real protest was like 30-40 people occupying a government building to demand the change, and a handful happened to do the thing the story claims "hundreds" did just to get away from work for the day to protest.

The way the thing is told online just reeks of neoliberal bullshit leaving out the most important part, which is that they occupied a government building for it. Occupying institutions is effective. It has the power to actually change things.

Where tf are more Black and POC mastadon users?! This is so exhausting! Is there a magic hashtag I don’t know about? These hashtags are NOT working. I seem to be the only one using them. Wyt ppl share this, so Black POC users you know can find each other! Thats if you follow any on here lol! #BlackFedi #BlackMastadon @BlackEnbys #qtibpoc #blacktransmagic

here's my certified "some people might like you" strategy guide:

1. be sincere (includes being yourself)
2. respect others' boundaries

it works! some people will like you! give it time too!

hrt, begposting (need meds) 

hey uh it's been a week and my prescription to get me back on hormones still hasn't come through can someone help me

I'm now supposed to be on estrogen 4mg/day as 1mg sublingual tablets, spiro 200mg/day as , and progestrone 100mg/day (though I dunno the form to take it in)

I'll pay you for them I just need like a month or so until I can figure out what's going on please dm me

Personal, non-political 

Today is my birthday! At exactly 21:21 dutch time I'm finishing my 21st year on this planet.

Hey let's talk about 3rd positionism and working with the right.....

No, fuck no, stop, don't, hell no.

The Nazis grew their movement after Hitlers failed election, by bargaining with socialist workers movements. And then started wiping us out, and killing us.

So if you think working with the boogs, PB's, and Magats are a good idea... Because guns?

No, you need to sit TF down and read history a little closer. Don't be so hungry for Revolution, that you'll bend to facists.

a point of annoyance regarding a certain author and how white people ruin "cancel culture" 

JK Rowling was racist and antisemitic before she came out as a TERF, and white people really will forgive absolutely any and everything until it comes for them particularly

So it grinds my gears that people are like "We shall not speak of a certain transphobic author" when

y'all spoke endlessly of her when she was "just" racist and antisemitic h o n e s t l y

strike fund to support care workers and cleaners fighting for:

- a living wage
- sick pay
- annual leave
- extra pay for unsociable hours
- and collective bargaining rights

a win for them is a win for all workers!

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