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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the climatejustice.social moderators.

  1. Nothing discriminatory Instances by the Fediverse Foundation are expressly inclusive and open to everyone. Therefore, any form of discrimination is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: ableism, antisemitism, homomisia, islamomisia, classism, racism, sexism, transmisia, etc.
  2. Nothing illegal Do not post anything illegal (Austrian law / EU law).
  3. Nothing harassing No spam, trolling, bullying, or similar annoyances. No calls for hate or violence. No pornography.
  4. Nothing (intentionally) fake No fake news, misinformation, science denial No spreading rumors or propaganda
  5. Nothing automated No bots, no crossposting (e.g. mirroring of Twitter posts etc.) without context or other interaction.